About Hennie Bekker - B1 Photo Safaris

Wildlife Photography Guide

As the younger brother of Bernhard Bekker he has the same passion for the bush and started to join Private Kruger Safaris as the co-owner on drives with Bernhard when they do Overnight safari when staying in the Kruger park. The photography bug has bitten him badly and he can sit for hours to photograph a subject until he is satisfied. Hennie does have his own chemical supplying business in Hazyview as well but is focused on the Safaris company full time. He has a deep rooted passion for wildlife and a very good understanding of animals behavior inherited from his parents that took the boys to Kruger Park from a very young age. He is a friendly and very helpful hand to have on safari and not a bad cook as well if needed. Hennie's roll in PKSafaris is to look after the fleet of vehicles and he handles most of the logistics in the company while not on tour so he is a very busy man. When you love what you do nothing is really work its a pleasure.