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Bernhard W Bekker Lives and operates in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa since 1998 to date
Home Safaris Photography  His Story  Media Galleries   Contact Bernhard  

Bernhard W Bekker:

Introduction, Safaris & Photos

Since 1998 Bernhard Bekker started his own companies to live out his passions which is photography, designing and working with people.

While he was working in the Volkskas Bank in Skukuza Main Camp as a financial advisor and estate planner life just became more exiting outside the office and the African Bush called him.

“I remember one afternoon driving back home and seeing a pride of lion in the road. I stopped they walked closer and one of the females came and lie down in the shadow of my vehicle she looked at me and fell asleep, peace full and very relaxed the rest of the pride was close by and all took a afternoon nap.

Studying this amazing beast up close she looked so at ease and content, I decided that I had to show this to other people so that they might share some of this awesome connection that we have with nature, that we are busy loosing, due to the rat race we are in.

We call our race success and we run around all day and many nights making a living but in the bush its simple, eat, drink, sleep, mark territory & make babies…. Hahahaha life is to short for anything else. “

Bekker Photography:

So the only way to feed his photography hobby was to start and work with other photographers in the area on weddings and marketing photography jobs. Mostly he was a runner and had to carry bags but that soon passed as his skills was developed and shaped. He started Bekker Photography in 2002 and has done over 250+ wedding in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga and Kruger Park

“We still worked on film and that was thinking about it now very scary as we had no clue if the wedding photos would come out fine there was no grantee, you and the camera had to be one and you really had to take the photo.

Not like today were mobile phones has HDR and burst shots with face recognition etc. But to be honest it makes life a lot easier these days and you can take on any job with more confidence and control. “

Safari Tour Guide:

Wildlife has been Bernhard’s passion and he specialized in Ethology - the behavior of animals in their natural surroundings. This makes going on a safari tour with him in the Kruger National Park a real adventure as he will explain what animals are doing and with over two decades of experience has a good idea what they might do next, this helps with getting the shot with photography in mind to be in the right place at the right moment.

With patience and a little bit of luck amazing photos has been captured by his guests in the Wild African Bush.

Bernhard did many years of night drives in the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve this helped to understand animals better as you see both the day and night time behavior.

If you want to book a tour with him you can click here to visit his safari company - Private Kruger Safaris - reservations can be made online. Overnight Safaris in Kruger Park is the best way to explore this natural wildlife region. 3 to 7 day trips will give you a good change to view many different species and area’s in this very large park.
The Safari company is owned by him and his brother Hennie Bekker also an enthusiastic wildlife lover. Monique Lange does most of the admin and is the back bone of the operations side.

Hennie has his own chemical business in Hazyview and supply lodges with cleaning materials  click here to view his business called Silver Chemicals.  He is also a guide in training and will be taking guest out in the near future.


Bernhard work can be seen on the following places:

His YOUTUBE wildlife sightings channel with many amazing short actual wildlife movies & clips of what has been seen on safari in the bush has been started to give future guests a taste of what can be seen in the bush. More than 130+ clips

Anyone can subscribe for free and stay in touch with what is seen on safari in the Kruger National Park. Click here to view channel

Many photographs can be seen on his social media follow links to view.

Website design

Bekker Productions has created many websites for the tourism and safari industry in the past. Combining his designing skills and photography any project is possible marketing wise.

These days with new software and online availability check and credit card payments is has become essential to enlarge your footprint on the Internet for marketing and especially booking systems.

Bernhard has designed and implemented various booking systems for small guest houses, lodges and other companies in the Hazyview area.

You are welcome to contact Bernhard for a quote for your website - click here.

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